Wicked Temptress

Wicked Temptress video
Wicked Temptress video
Studio: Wicked (1999)
Director: F.J. Lincoln
Runtime: 1:26:00

Temptation just came to town ... for the hell of it. She was born to corrupt ... lucky you.

She's a miserable shrew, but the Wicked Temptress has a plan that she talks her friend, Evan Stone into ruining the relationships of those close to them so that they could be just as miserable as she is. What she really wants however, is Evan. She hatches a plan right under his nose to make him just as miserable as she is, in the hopes of keeping him all to herself.

Scene Breakdown
1. Cheyenne Silver | Jack Hammer
2. Temptress | Devin Wolf
3. Envy | Evan Stone
4. Ginger Paige | Temptress
5. Ginger Paige | Evan Stone