Whispered Lies

Whispered Lies video
Whispered Lies video
Studio: LBO Entertainment (1994)
Director: Jean Pierre Ferrand, Peter Davy
Runtime: 1:50:00

Upstate New York, 1844. Beautiful Emma is engaged to beau Malcolm, but her debt ridden father marries her off to cruel and lecherous Roger Barrett. While Barrett is away on business, Emma reunites with her passionate beau, but her secret is discovered by Barrett's Gypsy servant, Carlotta, who sends a message to warn her master of Emma's infidelity. Barrett returns to discover the young lovers, and the scene is set for murder and revenge. A gypsy's curse from Carlotta will force Emma to wander through the centuries destroying lives with a whisper, searching always for true love to release her from the spell.

Scene Breakdown
1. Leena | Mike Horner
2. Leena | Colt Steele
3. Isis Nile | Mike Horner
4. Keisha | Chuck Martino
5. Tiffany Million | Steven St Croix
6. Leena | Tiffany Million
7. Rebecca Bardoux | Marc Wallice | Tim Lake
8. Alex Jordan | Krista | Steven St Croix
9. Alex Jordan | Peter North
10. Leena | Steve Drake
11. Melanie Moore | Steve Drake