Wet Sex

Wet Sex video
Wet Sex video
Studio: Caballero (1984)
Director: Paul G Vatelli
Runtime: 1:30:00

What happens when five horny people get together for a weekend holiday in a secluded mountain resort? Wet Sex is what! Join our lusty campers as they do it every way, everywhere! Whether it's menage a trois on the kitchen counter, or a torrid tryst in the bubbling waters of the jacuzzi, you won't be disappointed with the way these folks enjoy their holiday. So grab your bathing suit and get ready for the sweat-soaked excitement!

Scene Breakdown
1. Fawn Paris | Susan Hart
2. Fawn Paris | Susan Hart | Greg Rome
3. Beverly Bliss | Craig Roberts
4. Sheri St Clair | Marc Wallice
5. Susan Hart | Ron Jeremy