Visions video
Visions video
Studio: Video X Pix (1978)
Director: Chuck Vincent
Runtime: 1:18:00

Experimental erotica is rare in today's porn, but back in the day, shooting on film was incredibly experimental. This is what makes Chuck Vincent's film "Visions" so unique. This original motion picture employs no dialog; instead it paints it's story through a series of surrealistic sexual sequences that are tender, intimate and sizzling.

Scene Breakdown
1. Susan McBain
2. Susan McBain | Wade Nichols
3. Harriet Hart | Sharon Mitchell | Gilbert Palmitier | Greg Hart | Peter Andrews
4. Paula Morton | Sharon Mitchell | Susaye London | Wade Nichols
5. Sharon Mitchell | Wade Nichols
6. Susaye London | Greg Hart | Tony Mansfield
7. Paula Morton | Peter Andrews
8. David Christopher
9. Victoria Corsaut | Wade Nichols