Ashlyn Rising

Ashlyn Rising video
Ashlyn Rising video
Studio: Vivid (1995)
Director: Layne Parker
Runtime: 1:28:00

Ashlyn Gere is a woman reduced to a mere shell, with no self confidence or self image. A friend persuades her to seek psychiatric therapy. There's only two problems ... the friend's in love with her. And so is the psychotherapist. Acclaimed director Layne Parker delves deep into the psyche of a superstar and pulls out what is sure to be an award-winning performance. Both theatrically and sexually, Ashlyn Rising, with Rocco Siffredi, interracial, anal, and especially Ashlyn, the star who just keeps rising.

Scene Breakdown
1. Ashlyn Gere | Colt Steele | Rocco Siffredi
2. Anna Malle | Nina Hartley | Hank Armstrong
3. Hyapatia Lee | Kym Wilde
4. Ashlyn Gere | Nina Hartley
5. Tera Heart | Mark Davis
6. Ashlyn Gere | Sean Michaels