Triple X 27

Triple X 27 video
Triple X 27 video
Studio: Private (1997)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:32:00

"Regina" has invited three friends over to her place for coffee and cookies. She drinks and eats anything, as long as there is cream to top it off. "Tenerife Ole": Kitty is on vacation in Tenerife, and a local guide is showing her the "treasures" of his island. In "Blond and Wild" you can see how Katalin is longing for sex ... and she sure gets it! Don't miss "Australian Fun", where Nikki and Jeanette go out of their minds fucking with two handsome studs. "Karina": Karina's husband and his friend get home drunk in the middle of the night and make so much noise that they wake her up ... At first she resists but, once she's wide awake, there's no stopping her. This and a lot more in this Triple X Video!

Scene Breakdown
1. Jeanette Marton | Nikki Anderson | Alain DeLoin | Richard Langin
2. Regina Sipos | Frank Gun | Kris Newz | Mario
3. Liga | Sveta | Richard Langin
4. Karina | Jean-Pierre Armand | Jean Yves LeCastel
5. Tikki
6. Katalyn Hoffner | Philippe Dean

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