Tower of Power

Tower of Power video
Tower of Power video
Studio: Cal Vista (1985)
Director: Robert McCallum
Runtime: 1:20:00

Fred Kingsley is board chairman of the vast Kingsley Industries. He rules from his executive tower over a staff motivated by money and sex. As the movie opens. Hugh Casey is making love to his wife Linda. At the same time, Mr. Kingsley's voluptuous secretary, Annette is calling a special board meeting to try and uncover who is giving out company secrets. To relieve some of the corporate tension, Mr. Kingsley's secretary services her boss before the meeting.

Scene Breakdown
1. Angel | John Leslie
2. Colleen Brennan | Harry Reems
3. Janey Robbins | R Bolla
4. Annette Haven | Herschel Savage
5. Janey Robbins | Herschel Savage
6. Angel | R Bolla