Touch Me in the Morning

Touch Me in the Morning video
Touch Me in the Morning video
Studio: Caballero (1981)
Director: Louis Lewis
Runtime: 1:17:00

"Touch Me in the Morning" brings you a story of lovers caught in the torrid passion of their sometimes unusual fantasies. Rarely will you see a film of this nature and a gathering of beautiful ladies such as Veronica Hart, steamy Lisa DeLeeuw, New York's foxy Sharon Mitchell. Also starring NIcole Noir and Becky Savage. Once in a great while an erotic film comes along that is both warm and passionate ... soft and sensual ... tempting and yet touching, "Touch Me in the Morning" is that kind of film.

Scene Breakdown
1. Veronica Hart | Paul Thomas
2. Lysa Thatcher | Paul Thomas
3. Becky Savage | Veronica Hart | Michael Morrison
4. Nicole Black | Veronica Hart | Mike Horner
5. Sharon Mitchell | Adam Adams
6. Sharon Mitchell | Veronica Hart
7. Lisa DeLeeuw | Paul Thomas
8. Veronica Hart | Paul Thomas