Too Hot to Touch

Too Hot to Touch video
Too Hot to Touch video
Studio: Cal Vista (1984)
Director: Bob Vosse
Runtime: 1:26:00

Amanda (Angel) and Ted (newcomer Rod Grant - a Playgirl Centerfold), visit their injured skier friend in the hospital to console him. But nurse Loretta (Kay Parker) is taking good care of all his needs. Michelle (Lilli Marlene) is trying to talk Amanda into representing her line of ski clothes. Michelle and Amanda have a very tender lesbian scene with some of the best music to be heard in an adult movie.Danny (Jamie Gillis) gives nurse (Lynx Cannon) the hottest, most erotic ski instructions - how to select your pole, how to get up, how to bend at the knees are all expertly demonstrated. After screwing his brains out, Michelle signs the best male skier (Rick) to promote ski wear. Nurse Loretta is sent to keep Ted up all night so he will loose the ski race. Kay Parker enters Ted's room with a fur coat and when she opens is, has nothing on underneath. Rick (Danny Mann) and Amanda finally get together in an erotic love scene in front of the fireplace. The combination of Angel and Kay Parker with Jamie Gillis' ski instructions make this hot movie a must for your library.

Scene Breakdown
1. Kay Parker | Blair Harris
2. Angel | Lili Marlene
3. Lynx Canon | Jamie Gillis
4. Angel | Kay Parker
5. Lili Marlene | Dan T Mann | Nick Niter
6. Angel | Dan T Mann
7. Kay Parker | Rod Grant