Ten Little Maidens

Ten Little Maidens video
Ten Little Maidens video
Studio: Excalibur Films (1985)
Director: John Seeman
Runtime: 1:25:00

"Ten Little Maidens" is a tongue-in-chick erotic mystery spool with just the right amount of romance plus lots of hot, hungry sex! It begins with a mysterious letter being delivered to John and Carol as they are in the throes of lovemaking. The letter invites them to an all-expense-paid weekend vacation on a secluded island where they can partake in their most erotic desires to the very fullest. A chartered boat, which is "the only way on or off this here island" leaves them upon a lonely and desolate beach. A strange butler by the name of Renfro shows them to the mansion, a decaying relic of bygone years. The other guests have already arrived and are frolicking about the grounds and pool. All are there except for the host and hostess. That evening an elegant dinner is served to the guests in the banquet room. What follows is the most erotic food orgy ever filmed - an orgy that makes "Tom Jones" look like a breakfast cereal commercial. And then, at the culmination of the banquet, after they have tasted all that lay before them ... including each other ... an unseen voice is then heard foretelling them of their impending doom. And at that very moment the first death occurs - in the most erotic of manners. To divulge any more would ruin the surprise twist at film's end.

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