Tangled video
Studio: Pleasure (1994)
Director: Mike Horner
Runtime: 1:30:00

Fit to be tied?

He was "tied up and uptight" as a young virgin Devon Shire said, Tyffany
Million said he was "all wrapped up in himself," Mistress Ona said "to
be free you have to let go." And let go they do - with a twenty person
orgy featuring the hottest stars in porn, including Ariana, Tina Tyler,
Nina Hartley and Teri Diver. Spend an intense erotic ninety minutes ...
if you're not tied up.

Scene Breakdown
1. Tiffany Million | Jesse Eastern
2. Devon Shire | Mike Horner
3. Ariana | Ona Zee | Frank Zee | Luc Wylder | Tony Tedeschi
4. Nina Hartley | Tina Tyler | Mike Horner
5. Teri Diver | Mike Horner