Taboo 3 - The Final Chapter

Taboo 3 - The Final Chapter video
Taboo 3 - The Final Chapter video
Studio: Intropics Video (1984)
Director: Kirdy Stevens
Runtime: 1:33:00

Barbara Scott, distraught and yearning for her son Paul, turns to her younger son Jimmy. Jimmy discovers his mother's affair with his older brother Paul, and slowly his love for his mother turns to lust. Barbara, jealous of Jimmy's girlfriend, begins the deliberate seduction of her youngest son. His lithe, muscular body inflames her with passions she knows she should suppress. At the same time, Joyce McBride, Barbara's best friend and confidant, is enjoying carnal gratification with her own son, Bryan. Taboo #3 takes us into the forbidden world of a mother's sinful lust for her handsome son. It delves deeper into the depths of raw passion than any other film.

Re-released by Standard Digital / box cover art may vary.