Surrender in Paradise

Surrender in Paradise video
Surrender in Paradise video
Studio: Collectors (1984)
Director: David I Frazier, Svetlana
Runtime: 1:21:00

A lovely story of beautiful girls stranded on a desert island, and how they succumb to Arthur, an escaped convict. Filmed entirely on location in the South Seas on an island many have called the most lush on the planet. Once again, David I Frazer and Svetlana have brought to the adult cinema screen more gorgeous, fresh young faces and bodies. The action is hot, heavy and sweltering. Surrender in paradise is a throbbing adventure.

Scene Breakdown
1. Crystal Holland | Diva
2. Renee Tiffany | Lois Ayres
3. Diva | Jerry Butler
4. Ginger Lynn | Jerry Butler
5. Stacey Donovan | Renee Tiffany | Jerry Butler
6. Crystal Holland | Jerry Butler
7. Stacey Donovan | Crystal Holland | Ginger Lynn | Renee Tiffany | Lois Ayres | Jerry Butler
8. Diva | Jerry Butler