Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven video
Stairway to Heaven video
Studio: Moonlight (1989)
Director: Scotty Fox
Runtime: 1:16:00

When the sky's open up and the bright light is shining, you're on your way to that "Stairway to Heaven"! Now what's in store is outrages babes with huge tits, horny studs humping all day, endless orgies, mind blowing orgasms with cum shots everywhere, and just basically one hell of a good time! Pull out your pole, you're gonna need it when you clime the stairway!

Scene Breakdown
1. Nina Hartley | Mike Horner
2. Debi Diamond | Jerry Butler
3. Stacy Lords | Tabitha Stevens | Jerry Butler
4. Billie Slee | Kevin Slee
5. Tabitha Stevens | Tom Byron