Splendor in the Ass 1

Splendor in the Ass 1 video
Studio: Caballero (1989)
Director: Gerard Damiano
Runtime: 1:20:00

Something hot is happening in the Vanderbilks Mansion! Shocking? Perverse? Hell, no! Just part of the naughty shenanigans of the rich and mighty horny! After Sir Ashley and his butler give the French maid her morning servicing, what to do about son Wesley becomes the problem of the day. He's still a virgin! The lusty services of Hortense Harlot fix that immediately. But it seems Wesley's ultimate fantasy is a poke in the poop-chute! Lady Penelope helps grease the wheel of fate so to speak, and backdoor love conquers all!

Scene Breakdown
1. Carla Ferrari | Randy Spears | Tom Byron
2. Sharon Kane | Randy Spears
3. Nina Hartley | Peter North
4. Sharon Kane | Tom Byron
5. Nina Hartley | Stacy Lords | Peter North
6. Rachel Ryan | Peter North