Splatterhouse 1

Splatterhouse 1 video
Splatterhouse 1 video
Studio: Pleasure (1995)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 4:00:00

SPLATTERHOUSE VOL 1 is the hottest Ass Packing, Jizz Flying, Muff Fucking, Cock Sucking, Nut Busting action ever assembled on one 4 Hour Video for 1 Low Price you'll ever see!

Finally ... a Fuck Flick that has it all! SPLATTERHOUSE VOL 1 is full of the hottest, wildest, raunchiest, cum-filled action you can possibly imagine! Slam-Packed full of Big Cocks, Tight Pussies and all the Hot Jizz we can muster! This is the one you've been saving your load for! It's HOT!

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