Sleepless video
Sleepless video
Studio: Vidco (1993)
Director: Frank Marino
Runtime: 1:24:00

Anyone that suffers from insomnia and doesn't have a clue in what steps
to take should tune in to K.L.O.X. Radio's love line, because they keep
people up ... all night long! Sean Michaels is the charismatic host with
stories that'll steam up the thickest pair of glasses in the room, and
at the end of the night when it's all said and done, he gets to live his
own raunchy tale out!

Scene Breakdown
1. Sahara Sands | Sean Michaels
2. Roxanne Blaze | TT Boy
3. Isis Nile | Rebecca Bardoux
4. Isis Nile | Rebecca Bardoux | Marc Wallice
5. Roxanne Blaze | Sean Michaels