Skin Hunger

Skin Hunger video
Skin Hunger video
Studio: Cal Vista (1995)
Director: Michael Zen
Runtime: 1:48:00

Tortured by her past, and thrown into ramshackle Rotten Row, a woman named Salome Savage seeks refuge in her sister's home and is immediately drawn to the raw sexuality of her sibling's powerful husband. From Michael Zen, and starring two of adult's brightest stars, comes a dark, sensual tale ... a story that will haunt you like Salome.

Scene Breakdown
1. Lisa Ann | Tony Tedeschi
2. Barbara Doll | Kirsty Waay
3. Jeanna Fine | Mark Davis
4. Jeanna Fine | Tony Tedeschi
5. Lana Sands | Melissa Hill | Alex Sanders | Ian Daniels
6. Lisa Ann | Steven St Croix

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