Shipwreck video
Shipwreck video
Studio: Vivid (1998)
Director: Paul Thomas
Runtime: 1:32:00

They were shipwrecked. And happy. (Wouldn't you be, if Lexus was on the boat?) Then someone had to declare himself "Captain." Girl overboard! Paul Thomas presents Shipwreck. A movie with a message. In a bottle.

Scene Breakdown
1. Missy | Stephanie Swift
2. Lexus Locklear | Mickey G
3. Alexandra Silk | Deva Station | Jon Dough
4. Jon Dough | Lexus Locklear
5. Alexandra Silk | Marc Wallice | Mickey G
6. Deva Station | Jon Dough
7. Marc Wallice | Missy
8. Mickey G | Stephanie Swift

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