Shadow Dancers 2

Shadow Dancers 2 video
Shadow Dancers 2 video
Studio: Evil Angel
Director: John Stagliano
Runtime: 1:55:00

Shadow Dancers 2 concludes the story of the highly sexual- highly illegal strip club of Mario's (John Stagliano) dreams. In the shadows lurks Spike (Randy Spears) with his strange companion Cobra (Brandy Alexandre) they are seducing dancers- Crytal and Ann (newcomers- sultry Lauren Brice and voluptuous Krisstarah Knight) into their web of deceit. Long legged dancer Mandi (Suzie Vegas) plays in the shadows with cop Joey Silvera where they both confront street-wise Scooter (KiKi) who is desperately fighting for the survival of her favorite place of employment. Innocent Candi (Tianna) is the source of inspiration for Max (Sean Michaels)- the owner of the club- in their last dance of love. In the end the decadence of this club consumes- the greed of it's rival purveyors of flesh- the hypocrisy of the police- and finally it consumes itself.

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