Sextrology video
Sextrology video
Studio: Caballero
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:20:00

Marcia follows the sizzling dictates of the carnal zodiac. Her gorgeous roommate Gwen is a nonbeliever ... but together with their corporate co-workers, the future looks hot! Marcia's sexual escapades at home are truly wild, but the action at the office is just as outrageous - especially when an attorney and her secretary find some dildos! The hunk from shipping gets his "rising" sign stroked, while later, bashful James is ravaged in a pool by the boss' wife (she must be a water sign!). More lusty "Leos" meet sexy "Virgos" until James and Marcia finally make it in bed. Their signs aren't compatible - but you wouldn't know it from their frantic lovemaking!