Sexscape video
Sexscape video
Studio: Caballero
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:20:00

Seated in Dr. Horst von Semen's office, Duncan (Tom Byron) explains his problem. It seems his "third leg" is limper than a bowl of week-old linguini. But, the doctor has a machine that's going to change Duncan's life forever. Entering the world of "sexcape", Duncan time travels to undo the sexual mistakes responsible for his embarrassing problem. First he gives his high school honey (Keli Richards) the homecoming she always wanted ... while his brother Dan pounds Candi Evans' pom-poms. There's a sizzling night club encounter with fiery Buff Davis, a wild gym workout with an insatiable Eurasion aerobics teacher, and lots more. With escapades like these, Duncan may never turn the SexScape machine off.