Sex Professionals

Sex Professionals video
Sex Professionals video
Studio: Lipstik (1995)
Director: Shawn Ricks
Runtime: 1:02:00

Cops, lawyers, judges, doctors, nurses and other professionals ... all lesbian ... are represented in this tail of women in their own world of on the job titillation. Sydney is a cop who is tired of her husband chasing women. She can't beat him so she decides to join him. She won't be a full fledged member of the sisterhood of lesbos till she passed induction at a local girl bar. Hint: it's a 7 girl orgy.

Scene Breakdown
1. Jasper | Nina Hartley
2. Porsche Lynn | Sydney St James
3. Jasmine Aloha | Jasper | Nina Hartley | Sahara Sands | Sydney St James | Victoria Andrews
4. Jasmine Aloha | Sahara Sands

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