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1984 - 1:27:00



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Studio: Gourmet/GVC
Director: Unknown

This stunning sexvid from 1984 stars Eric Edwards as a world famous actor whose erotic exploits with the ladies are legendary. His sexy secretary has to fight off her gal pals, each of whom wants a shot at getting in bed with him. Little do they suspect that the famous lover is in face impotent, and has been for years. A tabloid reporter is hot on his heels trying to get the story, so Eric's agent hires a private eye to throw her off the scent. But what's a guy to do when he's kidnapped by a bevy of sex-crazed fans? The answers are as erotic and endlessly enticing as could be as Eric discovers what's been within him all along, "Kay Parker's Sex Play" is pure passion and fun from start to finish.

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