Sex Aliens

Sex Aliens video
Sex Aliens video
Studio: Caballero (1987)
Director: Morris Deal, Ted Gorley
Runtime: 1:20:00

It's a steamy sex-search as Captain Candie Evans and her come-hither crew travel the universe to locate Prince Ron Jeremy - the last fertile male from a species of amorous aliens. Following him to a sex clinic on earth, Candie sends passionate probes Sheena Horne and Lorrie Lovitt to sniff out the prince and bring him back alive. And what a time these girls have "investigating" the male patients! They even get nurse Tish Ambrose into the fold for some intergalactic Sapphic sizzling! But when Ron refuses to go back to their home planet and fertilize all the females, Candie has a hard decision to make - should she stay or should she go? The answer ends up pleasing everyone and leads to an explosive finale.

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