Raw video
Raw video
Studio: VCA (1999)
Director: Antonio Passolini
Runtime: 2:20:00

Jerry was just another struggling actor in Hollywood until he got his big break ... as a porn star. Reluctantly at first, Jerry takes on his new role as a hired stud to make money for his upcoming wedding - never telling his shrewish fiancee' where the cash is coming from. Yet as his popularity quickly swells, so does his head, and mild-mannered Jerry soon assumes the abrasive and abusive persona of his porno alter-ego, Buddy Brando. But what goes up must come down, and Buddy's tarnished star is no exception ...
A dry, dark comedy from the writer & director of Cafe Flesh 2, DMJ6, and Bliss, Raw serves up a cornucopia of everything that makes porn, well, porn. Greedy producers, sleazy directors, slutty starlets, gang-bangs, anal encounters and over a dozen facials. Don't say we didn't warn you ...

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