Prom Girls

Prom Girls video
Prom Girls video
Studio: Caballero (1988)
Director: Alex De Renzy
Runtime: 1:15:00

It's that time again - prom night at the Cumberland School for Girls. Principal Shanna McCullough has her hands full trying to keep everything running smoothly, and trying to keep her sexy students from engaging in any salacious shenanigans. Shanna relates a torrid tale from last year's prom, when Megan Leigh joined a pair of tuxedo-clad studs in a frantic threeway fling. Back in the present semester, Eva Allen turns a dress fitting into an afternoon of debauched delights when she seduces her tailor. Dana Lynn trysts with her prom date Tom Byron right out on the school's front lawn! The three freaky faculty members get down and dirty in an explosive scene that really brings out the best in all of them. Filled with tasty young tarts and oodles of eroticism, this is one prom night you won't soon forget!

Scene Breakdown
1. Megan Leigh | Tom Byron
2. Eva Allen | Joey Silvera
3. Aja | Renee Morgan
4. Aja | Eva Allen | Renee Morgan | Joey Silvera
5. Dana Lynn | Blake Palmer | Tom Byron
6. Lisa Bright | Shanna McCullough | Peter North