Pleasures of Innocence

Pleasures of Innocence video
Pleasures of Innocence video
Studio: VCA (1984)
Director: Larry Revene
Runtime: 1:25:00

Sweet, Juicy, and oh so Ripe! Faced with losing their jobs to an exotc New York stripper, Cindy and Candy seduce their boss and steal the new stripper's contract. Armed with this valuable information, the girls leave Iowa for the Big Apple to seek their fortunes. Once in the city the girls are happy to accomodate the agents, photographers and other characters who are constantly trying to get into the girls' panties. In time, the small town go-go dancers are transformed into high-class strippers who proceed to take the town by storm. Upbeat humor, ten sizzling sex scenes, and some of the most beautiful new comers in the business make this one a scorcher you won't want to miss.

Scene Breakdown
1. Sharon Kane | David Ruby
2. Robin Everett
3. Angel | Robin Everett | R Bolla
4. Robin Everett | Eric Edwards
5. Ann Bardot | Tanya Lawson
6. Angel | Alan Adrian
7. Robin Everett | George Payne
8. Honey Wilder | John Leslie
9. Carol Cross | Tish Ambrose | Eric Edwards | R Bolla
10. Angel | John Leslie