American Desire

American Desire video
American Desire video
Studio: Caballero (1981)
Director: Lasse Braun
Runtime: 1:18:00

The sensuous Veronica Hart turns her best performance yet as the frustrated housewife in "American Desire." Long known as a sultry smoldering brunette bombshell, Veronica's metamorphosis from an innocent housewife to lubricious sex goddess is truly erotic magic.

Scene Breakdown
1. Mai Lin | Jake Teague
2. Mistress Candice | R Bolla
3. Mai Lin | George Payne
4. Lysa Thatcher | R Bolla
5. Veronica Hart | Roy Stuart
6. Veronica Hart | David Ruby
7. Veronica Hart | David Ruby | Roy Stuart
8. Veronica Hart | R Bolla
9. Lysa Thatcher | Veronica Hart | R Bolla