Only the Best 1

Only the Best 1 video
Only the Best 1 video
Studio: Cal Vista (1986)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:55:00

The ONLY authorized, authentic and accurate series of classic sex scenes from Jim Holliday's definitive book on X-rated films ... ONLY THE BEST. These scenes were taken from the section of the book titled THE 111 MOST MEMORABLE SEX SCENES EVER FILMED.They represent the finest examples of all types and styles of superior erotic filmmaking, and include the hottest male/female coupling, the hottest female masturbation and the hottest lesbian scenes of all time. In addition, Jim Holliday-regarded as the leading expert in the adult industry-provides commentary between scenes to help you identify the people and films from which the scenes were taken. ONLY THE BEST is just that - the best sex scenes of all time finally together on a two hour feature length cassette.