One Night In Bangkok

One Night In Bangkok video
One Night In Bangkok video
Studio: Caballero
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:14:00

All hands on deck and shiver your timbers to a honky-tonk beat. Four salty seamen and their deep-diving skipper (John Leslie) go on a shore-whore leave that they won't soon forget. As soon as this one-day liberty starts, these boys are out of their submarine and onto the streets lickity split. Innocent Phil is the first guy to score when a not-so-innocent Japanese joy-girl takes him home for her own private cherry festival. But what about his three other buddies? Rich-kid Billy tangles with two luscious female M.P.'s who know a thing or two about love enforcement while the two screw-ups (Bobby and Randy) engage the carnal services of two willing and bawdy bar girls. And where does "The Chief" end up in in this nonstop 34 hours of lust? Rekindling the fire-hot sparks of love with his old flame Mai Lin. Banzai baby. Everyone gets their fill and more in One Night in Bangkok.

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