Once Upon a Secretary

Once Upon a Secretary video
Once Upon a Secretary video
Studio: Gourmet/GVC (1983)
Director: Ron Jeremy
Runtime: 1:17:00

Uptown New York: An extremely gorgeous secretary gets humped by her horny boss. Downtown New York: A porn actress types tomorrow's scenes for an overly sincere director. Neither girl is happy with life as it is - until the idea of changing places occur to them. "Once Upon A Secretary" is a delightful story that takes us behind the scenes of a porno set and then whisks us away to the hustle and bustle of a big city where the boss of the office gets away with everything! Superb performances all around.

Scene Breakdown
1. Pamela Mann | Samantha Fox | Eric Monte
2. Pamela Mann
3. Kelly Nichols | Pamela Mann | R Bolla
4. Alexis X
5. Spring Taylor | Kenny Dee
6. Alexis X | Alan Adrian | Michael Morrison
7. Alexis X | Bobby Astyr
8. Alexis X | Pamela Mann
9. Alexis X | Samantha Fox | Eric Monte
10. Pamela Mann | R Bolla
11. Alexis X | Jerry Butler