Amber Lynn's Personal Best

Amber Lynn's Personal Best video
Amber Lynn's Personal Best video
Studio: Caballero (1986)
Director: Jonathan Burroughs
Runtime: 1:30:00

Amber Lynn is hot to trot in this racy, raunchy marathon of cross-country runners competing for honors and each other's awesome bodies. She's off at the first sight of a bosom buddy. Until she gets coached by some huge athletic supporters to be wide open for a more penetrating kind of action. Paving the way is Mr. Nude Universe, Justin Cooper, and his back-up men, who come on strong from the inside for a winning streak.

Scene Breakdown
1. Nina Hartley | Buddy Love
2. Tamara Longley | Chuck Martino
3. Amber Lynn | Carol Titian
4. Amber Lynn | Danielle Martin
5. Amber Lynn
6. Jessica Wylde | Buck Adams
7. Amber Lynn | Tamara Longley | Chuck Martino

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