Nothing to Hide 2 - Justine

Nothing to Hide 2 - Justine video
Nothing to Hide 2 - Justine video
Studio: Cal Vista (1993)
Director: Paul Thomas
Runtime: 1:59:00

The story of two generations and the girl who loved them both. ** Mike Horner and Nick East are father and son, respectively, searching for that special woman. Enter Roxanne Blaze. Neither men are aware of the other's affection for their beautiful, young girl. And she finds out about them only by accident, necessitating a very difficult choice. ** Paul Thomas reaches the pinnacle of his career in "Justine," according to Adam Film World. This is a relationship piece fueled by intimacy and lust, as hot as it is thoughtful, as well-conceived as it is executed. Watch the movie every critic in America is hailing as the masterpiece of the nineties.

Scene Breakdown
1. Tianna Collins
2. Roxanne Blaze | Nick East
3. Roxanne Blaze | Mike Horner
4. Roxanne Blaze | Mike Horner
5. Dyanna Lauren | Lacey Rose | Roxanne Blaze
6. Dyanna Lauren | Brad Armstrong
7. Lacey Rose | Roxanne Blaze | Alex Sanders
8. Lacey Rose | Mike Horner
9. Tianna Collins | Mike Horner