Nicole Stanton Story 1 - The Rise

Nicole Stanton Story 1 - The Rise video
Nicole Stanton Story 1 - The Rise video
Studio: Caballero (1989)
Director: Unknown

She was a gorgeous call girl, tired of the depraved sex scene in sleazy bars. But she had one thing the others didn't and insatiable ambition to climb to the top. Nicole's ticket to power is super-rich Gerald Stanton a widower she seduces on the dining room table while his uptight daughter and fiance look on! But this is only the beginning of Nicole's blazen sluttery as her manipulation and unrelenting sexual campaign moves into high gear. Soon Nicole has Gerald whipped into a lust-crazed frenzy and they are married. But, her rise has only started as the carnal conniving gets hotter and hotter. Nicole's bad, very bad and there's no stoping her!