Neon Nights

Neon Nights video
Neon Nights video
Studio: Command Cinema (1981)
Director: Cecil Howard
Runtime: 1:25:00

Neon Nights sets the standard against which all other films must be judged. Cecil Howard (the man behind Firestorm, The Last X-Rated Movie, Platinum Paradise, Snake Eyes, Babylon Pink, etc.) has given us a hot hard-core odyssey into the phantasmagorical mind of a troubled girl. He illuminates the blue-movie screen with all the tour de force of erotic invention. In bed, bewitched and motionless, Sandy is levitated in a remarkable sensual special-effects sequence that must be experienced. The bizarre storytelling reaches its carnal climax with a steamy, Fellini-esque orgy in which flashing lights, billowing smoke and blissful faces all merge in a veritable celluloid bacchanalia in which she gets thoroughly ravished. Visually there has never been an X-rated film like Neon Nights.
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