Nasty Girls

Nasty Girls video
Nasty Girls video
Studio: VCX (1983)
Director: Henri Pachard
Runtime: 1:08:00

Three ├╝bersluts to their favorite bar with every intention of spreading their thin legs wide, their pouty lips open and their asses free for the closest man to fuck, ravage and soil. One keeps a diary of her filthy exploits, she fucked 158 men, her goal; get to 160 by sunrise. Another is an inexperienced blond played by Joanna Storm whose shock at her friend's lust is complemented only by her untested desires. Tiffany Clarkis looking for a threesome, a girl, a guy and a dildo, all of which she controls. Find out what the other sex hungry patrons of Eve's bar do to satisfy their lust in this Henry Pachard classic.