More than a Handful 5

More than a Handful 5 video
More than a Handful 5 video
Studio: Cal Vista (1995)
Director: Mitch Spinelli
Runtime: 1:17:00

If you ever needed an excuse to head for California, this is it! It
seems that Lisa Ann, Tina Tyler, Lisa Ann, Isis Nile and some other very
horny folks are headed west to pull off the diamond heist of the
century, buy they've got a lot of living and loving to do on the way.

Scene Breakdown
1. Tina Tyler | Jonathan Morgan
2. Toy | Julian St Jox
3. Lisa Ann | Ian Daniels | Luc Wylder
4. Ariana | Isis Nile | Steve Hatcher
5. Nikki Sinn | Steve Hatcher

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