More Sorority Stewardesses

More Sorority Stewardesses video
More Sorority Stewardesses video
Studio: Digital Playground (2002)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:26:00

More Sorority Stewardesses picks up where Sorority Stewardesses left off with the Burton Allen Institute babes trying to earn their stewardess wings and develop the first national sorority at the school. As a moviemaker all I've ever tried to do is make fun & fluff features that concentrate on sex-which is, after all, what these movies are all about. They are for everyone who can suspend seriousness and step into a sexual fantasy world for a short visit to the halls of Burton Allen.

Scene Breakdown
1. JR Carrington | Peter North
2. Felecia | Kylie Ireland
3. Sandi Beach | TT Boy
4. Kylie Ireland | Joey Silvera
5. Hailey Davidson | Kirsty Waay | Nina Hartley | Peter North | TT Boy

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