Love You

Love You video
Love You video
Studio: Gourmet/GVC (1979)
Director: John Derek
Runtime: 1:12:00

Legendary director John Derek helmed this excellent film, establishing himself as one of the premier purveyors of on-screen passion. Annette Haven stars as a married woman whose husband decides he wants to dabble in a little wife-swapping with their closest chums. The two couples fly off for a weekend on a secluded island retreat, where Annette is told about the plan. Although she's apprehensive at first, Annette soon loses herself in the pure eroticism of the experience. She blossoms into a true sexual adventurer, so much so that her hubby starts to feel pangs of jealousy. It's one of Annette's all-time best performances, and "Love You" ranks among the most erotic and romantic sex films ever.