Long Jeanne Silver

Long Jeanne Silver video
Long Jeanne Silver video
Studio: Alpha Blue (1977)
Director: Alex De Renzy
Runtime: 1:23:00

Jeanne Silver, a pretty amputee, appeared in men's magazines and on San Francisco burlesque stages. She had the lower part of her left leg removed. The remaining stump, extending several inches below her knee, is little more than bone covered with flesh. Director Alex DeRenzy uses the pseudo-documentary format to display Silver's sexual habits. She fucks Amber Hunt during a threesome, impales two teenage students and even goes so far as to ram it up a homosexual's ass. Long regarded as one of the more bizarre films of the 1970's, Long Jeanne Silver fulfills all expectations for those seeking a "freak show" event. Uncut version.

Scene Breakdown
1. Amber Hunt | Jean Silver | Joey Silvera
2. Jean Silver
3. China Leigh | Jean Silver | Lori Blue
4. Jean Silver | Sandi Pinney | Paul Thomas
5. Jean Silver