Leena is Nasty

Leena is Nasty video
Leena is Nasty video
Studio: Odyssey (1994)
Director: Mitch Spinelli
Runtime: 1:26:00

From 1994 comes the documentary-style classic porno, Leena Is Nasty. Leena keeps things fairly simple, chatting with the camera about her life and sexual exploits. In between her chats, people get it on around the set in various threesomes, interracial sex, and lesbian romps. Pretty soon you'll realize how nasty Leena is!

This 1990s adult film DVD classic porno movie is also known as just Nasty for short.

Scene Breakdown
1. Kaitlyn Ashley | Leena | Steve Hatcher
2. Bianca Trump | Alex Sanders | Jay Ashley
3. Jasper | Derrick Taylor
4. Chayse Manhattan | Kylie Ireland | Misty Rain
5. Leena | Sean Michaels

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