Latex video
Latex video
Studio: VCA (1995)
Director: Michael Ninn
Runtime: 2:00:00

In his groundbreaking films Sex and Sex 2. Michael Ninn redefined cinematic erotism and raised the stakes for future filmmakers. Now, in Latex. Ninn meets his own challenge with a cyberpunk tale of a man who can see inside the souls of others -- or so he believes. Award-winning actor John Dough plays Malcolm Stevens, a man incarcerated by a futuristic society, and plagued by a "special gift" he never asked for. State-of-the Art special effects combined with lavish latex sex for what is surely the visual event of the year -- if not the decade.

Scene Breakdown
1. Sunset Thomas | Zack Thomas
2. Emerald Estrada | Jon Dough
3. Tiffany Million | Sam Cooper
4. Barbara Doll | Jordan Lee | Lacey Rose | Tasha Blades
5. Barbara Doll | Lacey Rose | Brick Majors
6. Juli Ashton | Cal Jammer | Tom Byron
7. Sunset Thomas | Colt Steele
8. Jeanna Fine | Richie Razor | Vince Vouyer
9. Sunset Thomas