Lady Lust

Lady Lust video
Lady Lust video
Studio: Caballero (1983)
Director: Art Ben
Runtime: 1:23:00

Now, in her first, full X-rated film, you'll see the incredible Edy Williams bare it all in a torrid tale of raw sexual delight! LADY LUST is the story of two sisters, Suzanne and Irene (played by Williams and sexy newcomer Kimberly Carson) who lead wildly different lives. While Irene is a happily married mother of two, Suzanne is a single and highly sophisticated woman of the world. During a brief visit, each gets to explore the other's intriguing sex life. And you get to see it all in glorious and graphic detail. LADY LUST is pure sexual dynamite!

Scene Breakdown
1. Kimberly Carson | Paul Thomas
2. Kimberly Carson | Paul Thomas
3. Brooke Fields | Jean Silver
4. Edy Williams | Michael Gaunt
5. Baby Doe | Paula Meadows | Spring Taylor | Kenny Dee | Michael Knight
6. Edy Williams
7. Paula Meadows | Paul Thomas
8. Kimberly Carson
9. Kimberly Carson | Jerry Butler | Michael Knight
10. Edy Williams | Sharon Mitchell
11. Paul Thomas
12. Kimberly Carson
13. Kimberly Carson | George Payne
14. Paula Meadows | Kenny Dee
15. Kimberly Carson | Paul Thomas
16. Alexis X | Baby Doe | Paul Thomas