L.A. Meat

L.A. Meat video
L.A. Meat video
Studio: Odyssey (1997)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:10:00

After receiving a few letters from some out-of-town talent, I decided to shoot right here in L.A. I started with pre-Labor Day party auditions. Up first was Analysa, who had just driven from Florida to Vegas to get married, and then straight to my office for my cock sucking auditon. (She passed). Next was Corey, our cute box cover girl, who only had to drive in from the O.C. This little stripper decided to take some cock on video for the very first time, so I had her try out at the office. (She passed). Last but not least were Angelica and Rich, a couple from Miami Beach. (They both passed). This turned out to be a special treat for the ladies-those who like new, well hung studs who keep it hard. Just before the party I interviewed Helena, a girl from Sweden. She said she was interested in cock sucking, but I didn't think she was very good at it. (You decide). Finally, Labor Day 1997 - time to fuck! Corey is very nervous until Mark Davis fills her mouth with some English cock, and when she sits on his meat he pounds her pussy to total relaxation. Whoops! I almost forgot about the awesome cum facial Mark floods her with! Angelica and her other half get a little anxious to fuck, but the next thing you know, she's taking it up the ass like a champ! Save the best for last, the old saying goes, and I did. After shooting a couple of scenes I got a little horny. Analysa was too ... that's why I nailed her in her ass! By the way, I also got Shawn to jerk me off this time! During my anal scene with Analysa, old friend Randy West drops by and offers his services for a jerk-ff session that turns into a masturbation dual with Shawn. And Vinnie's Quick Tease brings you Ashley, straight out of Victorville for some high desert-style masturbation. This girl is HOT!