In Search of the Golden Bone

In Search of the Golden Bone video
In Search of the Golden Bone video
Studio: Caballero
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:27:00

Louise is the millionaire's wife who's always ready for a raunchy ride with her well endowed chauffeur James. Mr. Lacy is the businessman who feels at home in a three-piece suit as well as a pair of red pedal pushers. Rose is the luscious secretary whose fingers aren't the only things that are sticky. Babs is the naughty niece whose locker room antics make her the favorite tight-end of the Pac-Ten. Herschel Savage plays the bad cousin who wants something and gets it with sexy Suzy the maid (sensational newcomer Kimmy Ji). Millionaire William Hugley's last will and testament inflames these characters in a frantic winner-take-all search for the "Golden Bone," a solid gold and bejeweled replica of Hugley's love shaft.