In all the Right Places

In all the Right Places video
In all the Right Places video
Studio: Caballero (1986)
Director: Eric Edwards
Runtime: 1:17:00

The actor we've admired in many an adult film, Eric Edwards, now reveals another aspect of his talents. As writer, director, and actor in "All the Right Places" he has fashioned the most sensually romantic and arousingly sexual love story you have ever experienced. See it with someone you love, and hope to love better, for this story will make both your fantasies into rich, rewarding realities. Here's the basic plot. Two lonely and love hungry people wander into a bookstore at separate times and purchase the latest romance novel by a best selling author. Each, in the privacy of their own homes, read the book and individually flesh out in romantically erotic fantasies what the words evoke to them, as man and woman. Later, they accidentally meet in the same bookstore, and discover their mutual involvement with the same book. This leads to their joining together and exploring the explosive love they have fantasized about. Can reality match the fire and passion of their fantasy? The powerful climax to their story has a thrilling answer. Once you see it, you'll never forget it.