Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch video
Hot Lunch video
Studio: Classics Home Video (1978)
Director: Howard Perkins
Runtime: 1:09:00

When a country boy arrives in the Big City with nothing but starry eyes and dreams of making a success of himself, he finds that his best asset might just be the one between his legs. Jon Martin stars as the naive young man, a guy whose sexual prowess ends up getting him anything he wants out of life. His job search initially lands him in the back of the restaurant, washing dishes even as the saucy siren who runs the joint is dabbling in lesbian hi jinx right there behind the counter! Jon leaves that job soon enough, this time to try his luck selling encyclopedias. Well, he doesn't move many volumes, but he does end up in the clinch with a buxom beauty who prefers him to his reference books. In the end, Jon finds himself working as an account executive for a publishing company - another job that he got thanks to some tireless trysting with just the right woman. This is a fun, fast-paced flick that plays like the ultimate male fantasy.

Scene Breakdown
1. Juliet Anderson | Sharon Kane
2. Dorothy Smight | Bob Bernharding | Ray Wells
3. Mandy Ashley | Jon Martin
4. Brigit Olsen | Jon Martin
5. Anita Grimes | Desiree Cousteau | Jon Martin
6. Bonnie Holiday | Paul Roman | William Niles
7. Christine de Shaffer | Jon Martin