Hirsute Lovers 3

Hirsute Lovers 3 video
Hirsute Lovers 3 video
Studio: Big Top (1996)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:15:00

Chloe appears yet again in our last of the famous Hirsute Lovers series in "Hirsute Lovers 3". No, don't get your hopes up, she still doesn't do hardcore ... at least not with a guy. We think her girl/girl is hotter than anything she could ever do with a dude! Besides, you won't even care when you watch Chloe comb out her snaggly armpit and pussy hair, catching all the glistening jewels of juice on the way! The German love goddess is joined by the voluptuous and beautiful Effie Balconi and the rest is history ...

But wait! That's not all! Effie doesn't have an aversion to men, and she's happy to jump from Chloe's arms to Marino's throbbing thompson.

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