Getting Personal

Getting Personal video
Getting Personal video
Studio: Caballero (1986)
Director: Henri Pachard
Runtime: 1:22:00

There's nothing private about it! Wanda's a beautiful hooker who's trying to escape her sleazy way of life. Willie's a nervous immigrant who's got to find a wife in order to stay in the country legally. Together both will discover they'll be Getting Personal to help each other out in a savage love affair of gluttonous sexuality.

Scene Breakdown
1. Colleen Brennan | Blair Harris
2. Colleen Brennan | Jon Martin
3. Nina Hartley | Herschel Savage
4. Colleen Brennan | Herschel Savage
5. Rita Ricardo | Mike Horner
6. Colleen Brennan | Sharon Mitchell | Herschel Savage | Paul Thomas
7. Colleen Brennan | Patti Petite | Tom Byron